The Daulton Collection
St. Jerome (Hieronymus)
Unidentified German Artist
"Homo Bulla," St. Jerome (Hieronymus) in His Study
circa 1550
oil on wood panel
94 x 69,5 cm
The Daulton Collection
provenance: Swiss private collection
The Daulton Collection contains a significant collection of work relating to Saint Jerome (Hieronymus), the hermit scholar.

Hendrick Goltzius (German-born Dutch, 1558-1617)
Quis Evadet? [Who Can Escape?] (Homo Bulla)
copper engraving
21,3 x 15,5 cm
The Daulton Collection
B. 323, Hollstein 110, Leesberg (New Hollstein) 128; watermark Adler (fragment).
Magnificent, even impression with fine margins around the platemark. 
Condition: inconspicuous, smoothed hanging fold, minimal signs of age, otherwise very good condition.
Albrecht Dürer (German, 1471-1528)
Hieronymus in der Zelle
[St. Jerome in His Study]
23,4 x 16 cm
The Daulton Collection
B. 114, Meder 228d (of e); watermarked double-headed eagle with flower (Meder 222)
Circle of Joos van Cleve (Cleves c.1485-c.1542 Antwerp)
St. Jerome (Hieronymus) in His Study
16th century
oil on cradled wood panel
92 x 67 cm
The Daulton Collection
provenance: Southern German noble family
Lucas van Leyden (Dutch, 1494-1533)
Der hl. Hieronymus im Gehäus
[St. Jerome in the House]
copper engraving
10 x 14,7 cm
The Daulton Collection
B. 114, Hollstein 114 Filedt Kok (New Hollstein) 114 probably III.  Watermark hand with post horn above. 
provenance: ex coll. Bremen Kunsthalle, with its duplicate stamp (Lugt 293)
Hieronymus [pseudo-] (Pseudo-Jerome)
Aureola ex Floribus S. Hieronymi contexta (The Letters of St. Jerome)
Milan: Philippus de Lavagnia, November 28, 1475
incunabulum, early printing on paper with two illuminated initials (one shown above, pg. 75)
In-8° (mm 197x137)
156 pages (out of 175, the last 19 are missing); first page preserved, but unattached
Modern binding in ancient parchment
References: BMC VI, 702; GW M07937; Hain-Copinger 8588; IGI 3577; Proctor 5846.

The Daulton Collection
Los Altos Hills, California