The Daulton Collection
Non-Western Art
Shaman's Headdress
19th century
Evenk People (Evenki), Siberia
quilted felt, animal hair, and iron
height 13 in. (not including stand), diameter 7.5 in.
The Daulton Collection
Beyond its significant holdings of European art, especially German symbolist art, The Daulton Collection contains a large collection of non-western art, i.e., antique and ethnographic art from Asia, Africa, South America, and Oceania.

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cushion cover decorated with motifs relating to long life, e.g., Shoulao (the God of Longevity), the crane, the elixir-containing jug, etc.
mid-20th century
The Daulton Collection
The Daulton Collection
Los Altos Hills, California